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At Stratys UC, we make upgrading your business solutions easy, exciting, and affordable!

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Introducing: Stratys UC

A phone system built with your business in mind!

Access Your Business Line From Anywhere

Reduce Time Spent bouncing between apps

Access The Tools You Need To Communicate

unlock More than just phone calls

The best features a business phone system can offer

Cloud VoIP PBX and UCAAS

Business SMS

Virtual FAX

Web Conferencing

Contact Center and CCAAS

Mobile and PC Apps

Wide range of features

Get the best out of your phone system

Unlimited calls. Calls troughout the US and Canada

Softphone Apps. Make and recieve calls from anywhere

CRM Sync. Integrate with popular CRM tools such as Salesforce

Select an area code. Have local presence anywhere in the US

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HD Quality​. Enjoy fantastic HD VoIP sound quality

Simple Call Handling. Transfer and park calls in a click of a button

SMS/Text messages. Send texts using your business phone numer

Fax to Email. Recieve Fax easly and quick into your email as a PDF

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MS Teams
direct connect

The MS Teams Direct Connect by Stratys UC enables clients to bring their phone system directly into their MS Teams platform. Get all the functionality your deserve in a phone system, now built directly into the communication platform your team loves!

MS Teams integration

Why choose Stratys uC ?

Say hello to effortless collaboration with Stratys UC, your partner in Business Communications! Now your team and customers can stay connected through a single platform, sharing ideas, conversations, and laughter, no matter where they are. We’re all about tailoring a solution that works just right for you. Let’s make communications easy, together.

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