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Transform your communication with POTS Replacement & SIP Trunking Solutions

Looking for a cost-effective and scalable alternative to outdated POTS lines? Our team at Stratys UC has got you covered with our SIP Services.

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It's Time to Retire
Your POTS Lines

Most major providers are shifting away from POTS. And for good reason. POTS lines are prone to outages and service disruptions, leading to poor call quality and delays in your day-to-day operations. But with Stratys UC’s POTS Replacement solution, you can overcome these challenges and bring your communication into the 21st century. 

Why Choose Stratys UC's POTS Replacement

Get Clearer Calls & Better Features at a Fraction of the Cost 

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Cost-effective communication

Bid adieu to overpriced, unreliable phone lines and take advantage of a virtual alternative that could cut your costs in half. 

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Simple scalability

Our POTS Replacement Service is scalable and customizable to meet the specific demands of your business. From expansion to upgrades, we’ll be with you every step of the way. 

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Improved Call Quality 

Say goodbye to the frustrating call quality issues that come with traditional phone lines. With our virtual alternative, your calls will be crystal clear and free from disruptions. 

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Easy Integration 

Our POTS replacement can easily integrate with your existing PBX system and infrastructure, making sure you experience minimal downtime when making the switch. 

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Global Flexibility 

With our virtual system, you can manage your communication from anywhere in the world. No more being tethered to a physical location. 

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More than just a POTS Replacement

Take Your Communication Capabilities to a New Level With SIP Trunking

Our SIP Trunking solution allows you to handle both voice and data communication on the same internet connection, giving you a more flexible and cost-effective alternative to traditional phone systems. 

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Consultation & Analysis 

We provide a free consultation to help you analyze your business communication needs, assess your infrastructure, and recommend the best SIP Trunking solution for your organization. 

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Connection & Testing 

Our experts will configure your phone system and SIP Trunk connection and perform extensive testing to ensure a smooth transition and high-quality call experience. 

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Activation & Support 

We activate your SIP Trunking service, provide training, and offer 24/7 technical support to help you optimize your communication system and minimize downtime. 

SIP Trunking features

What Sets Our SIP Trunks Apart

Unlimited Devices 

Connect multiple devices to a single phone line without incurring any additional fees 

Instant provisioning

Set up SIP trunks quickly and efficiently with our user-friendly platform 

Built-In Failover & Redundancy 

Stay connected to customers no matter what thanks to our redundancy and automatic failover. 

Intelligent Call Routing 

Your calls are automatically sent down the most efficient (and cost-effective) route. 

High-Quality Audio 

We prioritize your voice traffic guaranteeing the highest call quality by avoiding latency, jitter, and packet loss. 

Point-and-Click Scaling 

Add or remove your SIP trunks quickly and easily depending on your current business needs. 

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